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Top 4 affordable but delicious restaurants in Valencia

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

As a student, I know what a struggle it can be to stay within your budget and enjoy going out and having dinner with friends at the same time. If you want to enjoy the delicious food Valencia has to offer but you do not want to spend to much on food then you came to the right place! Here are some really good budget restaurants which still allow you to enjoy the food like you are eating in a 4 star restaurant.

In this post, you will find 4 really good restaurants where you can enjoy lunch or dinner for affordable prices. My top 4 affordable restaurants in Valencia are:

  1. Saona

  2. Lambrusquería

  3. YOLO pizza

  4. 100 Montaditos Cerverceria


Saona is a very popular restaurant in Valencia, you can find it in multiple cities in Spain. In Valencia only, you can find 7 Saona restaurants. The restaurant at Plaza la Virgen is my favorite, you can sit outside and look over Plaza la Virgen while enjoying your meal and a glass of wine.

At Saona you can enjoy an affordable three courses meal for only €12,95. You can take a look at their menu online and also make an online reservation, very convenient. Personally, I love the Goat Cheese Salad, Rigatoni and the Tarta Banoffee as a menu combination.

Retrieved from Grupo Saona.

Keep in mind that Saona is very popular so in peak season you have to make a reservation on time!

Saona at Plaza la Virgen.


Lambrusquería is a cozy Italian restaurant in Valencia where you can enjoy a lunch for only €8. The restaurant is also perfect for a romantic candle light dinner. They serve really good traditional Italian pasta's, but you can also enjoy pizza, salads and other dishes here with a glass of wine.

However, in the evening the meals are a little bit more expensive around €20 for a similar meal like lunch time.

Retrieved from Lambrusquería Facebook.


Carrer del Comte d'Altea 31

46005 Valencia

YOLO Pizza

YOLO Pizza is located in the center of Valencia near Plaza Ayuntamiento. This is a really good and affordable pizza place. The concept here is that you can build your own pizza.

You start by choosing your preferred pizza dough. You can even choose vegan and gluten free pizza doughs. After having decided what dough you like, you can choose a sauce for your pizza. Once this is decided, you can choose out of 60+ toppings to put on your pizza. You can get as many toppings as you like all for the same price!

The regular pizza dough pizzas only cost €9,95, the vegan dough pizza costs €10,95, and the gluten free pizza costs €12,95. Want to know how it works? Check out their website. If you rather stay home, YOLO pizza delivers pizzas at home too! You can do this by ordering via Deliveroo, Glovo, or Ubereats.

YOLO Pizza near Plaza Ayuntamiento.


Carrer de Ribera 8

46002 Valencia

100 Montaditos Cerverceria

This is a Spanish chain restaurant where you can order small sandwiches and snacks. On Wednesdays and Sundays almost all of these cost only €1 each. You can choose from 100 different Montaditos which you can fill in on a paper which you hand in at the register and pay for it right away at the register. I wouldn't say that 100 Montaditos Cerverceria are the coziest restaurants but they are perfect if you are looking for a quick and budget bite to eat. These restaurants are also often visited by locals.

100 Montaditos Cerveria next to Torre del Micalet (Cathedral).


Plaça de la Reina 10

46001 Valencia

Overall, the restaurants in the center serve food with higher prices since these are the tourist spots. In the less busy neighborhoods like el Carmen and near the university you can find restaurants which serve good food for a lower price. Here are overall also the more traditional Spanish restaurants.

Tip: Many traditional Spanish restaurants offer a 'Menu del Día' which is a lunchtime menu with three courses. Usually, you have some options to choose from so you can select your own menu. These are usually somewhere around €6 euros depending on the restaurant or bar.





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